Thursday, August 28, 2008

why, Why, WHY?!?! ;o;

Last night I started feeling my throat get all's not a sore throat, more swollen then anything.

Then when I woke up this morning it got WORSE. If I try to talk it's all ok unless my tongue touches the soft part in the back on the roof of my mouth. It hurts tremendously to swallow.

My mom took me to the doc, and of course my doctor had to be off work today. So I had to see a nurse instead. She like didn't at all understand what I was saying...she was all like, "you may have strep" I freakin know how strep feels, and this is so not strep. & guess what that test came out negative....I kept telling her that it's not a SORE throat, it's just extremely swollen. But she kept acting as if it was just some sore throat...

what I find weird is that whenever my tongue touches the soft roof of my mouth it shoots up pain all the way up to my ear. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the glands in my neck....I told the nurse that, but I don't think she listened....She made me get a shot of some kinda steroids with benydril on my behind, she told me it should relive the pain almost immediately...guess relief. D:

Its making me dread swallowing, because every time I do I get too much pain....I dunno, if it's not better tomorrow, then I'm gonna see if my mom will take me to a REAL doctor.

It sucks....right when I'm feeling great, something ALWAYS happens. I keep on crying by accident....I just hate always getting so sick....what kills me is that most people act like I'm just crazy or something...just because they've never gotten as sick as often as I do, they think that no one does...I just wish that people wouldn't act like doesn't help me feel any better...I wish I wouldn't get sick all the time...I don't want to be sick, I hate it, yet people act like I'm faking it or something....I's just somewhat upsetting that not many think that I'm actually sick...I just wish I could find a way to not get sick so often. D:

not to mention all this has made my fibro act that's adding on alot more....

sorry bout posting all this crap...but I need it out someway.
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