Sunday, August 17, 2008


So me and some of my friends went hiking around a waterfall today. It was so much fun! There's never anything to do in the small town I live in, so this was something totally different from the norm. So it was so nice, plus I love being outside. :)

Upon arriving I noticed above where we parked, that something quite bizarre was hanging from the powerlines...
lol....this made me laugh so hard...I mean...a PS2 controller?!?!? I've only ever only seen shoes...I guess this is the future rofl!

I also tried climbing a fallen tree...didn't get very far tho... P:


But ya, climbing all those rocks were fun, but they were slippery! Like I said it was beautiful, the air smelt really nice. I guess I appreciated it so much because I'm always stuck inside...everyone else is at work or school...I seriously need to get my drivers license *sweat*
They are planning on taking me again, I can't wait!

Well Juria out!~