Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Comic Idea I have...

I've been thinking about doing a comic in manga style....and the theme will be over 2012.
I've have gotten very interested in the whole Mayan prophesy and such. And after much reading on the topic an idea for a story started in my head.
I'm not gonna reveal too much of the so that if I actually make it then I won't have already told everyone the story, and two so that I can't get my idea stolen (that surely wouldn't happen right? >___>'')
But I will tell you guys that it will take place on the fateful day of 21 of December 2012. It will follow the main character as she travels to all of her favorite places, as she thinks about life itself...wondering if it really all is about to end. While also seeing alot of death from ones that would rather kill themselves then see the end of the world happen...
Thats all I'll put down...but does anyone think that it would make a decent comic?
I just am so interested in the subject, I think its kinda sad in a way that humankind has to find a reason to get all worked up over something that they aren't ever sure will even happen. Somewhat like Y2K when many killed themselves because they thought the world was going to end. I just found the mayan one unique though...considering the prophecy was made THOUSANDS of years ago! They even knew about the black hole in the center of the milky way, when we just now found out about it a few years the HELL did they know???

LOL...I'm sorta getting off topic...I guess this is what happens when I research stuff none of my friends are really interested in, I just ramble all your ears off....sorry bout that O___O''

But ya, I would love to hear feedback, or just random things you guys think about!