Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Setting Up

Yesterday I got a call to go help set up an arcade/anime shop opening up in my poor pathetic town. My town needs something like this! lol.
but ya, I'm going everyday this week to help set up, & once paint comes in, paint logos and other stuff on the windows. :3
Today we are gonna be setting up all the gaming computers! Let me tell you they got ALOT in. When I saw how many there were I was like.."whoa...O__O"
It's gonna be nice!
Plus the owner is going to let me sell my art there! I'm excited...I'll also get to cosplay while working XD

I'm just too excited about this, since our old arcade closed down there has been absolutely nothing here. DX
So this is a big deal here, I just hope it'll do well. I'm sure it will, I've told many & they are all ecstatic XD

above is one of the mascots I created for the shop. her name is Ran :3
visit their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/centerofparadise

Other news, my 18th Birthday is a WEEK from today, omg...I'm getting old. lololol...j/k, j/k...