Friday, August 15, 2008


I caught a freakin tough virus DDD8

it took us like ALL of yesterday to get rid of(actually even some of this morning too) kept hiding itself everywhere, so when we thought it was would comeback. T___T I think it's gone for good now...but I can't be for sure *crossesfingers*

It was one that disguised its self as an anti-virus program..."Windows Anti-Virus XP 2008" to be exact...I thought something was up when I first saw it pop up...cause one does tend to know what programs one has or doesn't.

And of course being the procrastinator I am, I had yet to back up ANY of my once it looked virus free I quickly just backed up all my art & files I wouldn't want to loose. so I finally did it...>____>''

I think I might have gotten it from Facebook, cause one of my friends accounts got hacked & sent links to all their contacts....of course being an idiot, even tho I knew it was probably something that I should NOT press on I still did...
but I think thats where it may have come from....but I've been told I could have gotten it from a number of other *shrugs* whatever...all I care is that it is OFF my computer.

I think I'll read up more on viruses and stuff that can kill computers...because I honestly know NOTHING about any of it.....I never really had to...since I've never gotten a serious one like this before....but ya...gonna do some research so hopefully I can prevent it from happening again DX
So if you guys have anything then please share >3<

*sighs* man....stressful night last night....X__X

I'm gonna visit my other sites really quick...just in case the virus isn't gone....>___<